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Sheep Breeding for 2011 lambing

R&C's Ramsey, white, was exposed to half of the ewes.
Little Orchards "The Rock" was exposed to the other half of our ewes.
Lambing will commence sometime in mid January, 2011.
We will do our best to update the site with pictures of newborn lambs and
their bloodlines.

Pygora Breeding 2011 kidding

HMR's Vanilla Smoothie was the only bred doe and kidded a beautiful
black doeling on February 14th. Her name is CT's Venus.
Brandon, our son, has been showing the pygora at the local and state fairs.

MHR's Coffee and HMR's Goldilocks did not get bred. We believe they
were a little over weight. Both does are back in great condition and we
hope to get kids out of them in 2011.
Sire: Mt. Hood Fiber's Zuess

2011 kidding should be in mid March.

Angora Breeding:

100% German bloodlines
Sire: AngoaSoft Symphony
Dam: Rasperry Farm's Gabriel
Gabriel was IAGARB registered on November 6, 2010
Her total gross for the day was 450 grams
Wool performance: GW 1800/ AW 1712
Kindle due date: December 6, 2010

99.75% German Bloodlines
Sire: Bungalow Farm's Siskiyou
Dam: CT's Kivalina
Kivalina was IAGARB registered on November 6, 2010
Her total gross for the day was 522 grams
Wool Performance: GW 2088/ AW 1911
Kindle due date: December 6, 2010

In The Nestbox

dob November 6, 2010
Sire: CT's Akako, red 91% German hybrid
Dam: Vine&Figtree's Gentle Blessing, chinchilla 98% German
5 kits, 3 chinchilla, 2 chestnut agouti
sexes to be determined

dob November 15, 2010
Sire: CT's Anton, 99.75 % German
CT's Rihanna, 91% German
3 kits, ALL SOLID!
1 chestnut
2 black

Please email me if you would like to put a deposit to hold one of these kits.